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I love beads, beading and bead jewelry to the point where a person might think I am obsessed and they might be right! A trip to the bead store is almost a “religious” experience so to speak and I often suffer from visual overload. Beads and jewelry findings (Chandeliers for earrings, fancy clasps, etc.) beg to be taken home. And most of the time, “cha-ching”, I walk out of the bead shop with a bag of goodies.

I have always loved color and texture. It started out with a love of sewing. Then I branched out into painting faux finishes on decorative items, using stencils and glazes. I gave several pieces of furniture a “country look” that I finally got tired of and stripped off. Now the dining table that once belonged to my mother-in-law has been refinished with a nice new stain. I was doing just fine until a co-worker brought a jewelry design catalog to work. Zowie! My eyeballs fell in love with what I was seeing. But still I didn’t think about ME actually making up beautiful jewelry pieces like my friend.

Not too long after that I retired… Boredom set in until one day I had a revelation about making jewelry. I took classes on basic techniques. I still take classes from time to time. I made some jewelry for myself. Then someone asked me to make them a bracelet. I started giving handmade jewelry gifts and finally it progressed to where I had an online store. Now I have two online stores. My older store has fewer items than the newer one and I am looking for a way that I can perhaps specialize in that store rather than having some of the same jewelry pieces in both shops. That is a work in progress.

I have a group of beading buddies and we get together almost once a month. We have a potluck and a gabfest and we all work on our projects. It’s a lot of fun.

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