Stuffed owl toys

Owl friends for my granddaughters

I made two stuffed fabric owl toys for my granddaughters this week. They will be Christmas gifts, along with lots of other stuff. They were a combination of three patterns, two that I saw on the web and one that I bought. The one I bought was for owl pillows and it was huge, so I had to reduce the size to be much smaller to make the toys. I made the owls similar but different enough that the girls could tell them apart. The main fabric is the same for both. The contrast fabric for both is gold but different designs. The eyes, nose and claws are felt. I stitched around the eyes so little fingers don’t pick them off, which could happen if I just glued them. I goofed up on one of the claws and got it sewed on flipped but too late to do anything about it. I may clip them differently to fix it or probably not bother with it. I think they are really cute!