My mom lived a long life and as she put it, a good one. She was so thankful for that and also that my father had left her in a position where she could easily afford to live in a facility that took loving care of her day to day. Her mother had lived with her and my father for many years before they finally had to move her to a nursing home. My mother didn’t want to burden her children that way. After my father passed in 2001 she decided she wanted to live in a retirement village and that’s where she moved. She was able to live there for 4 years before she needed additional care. She was able to live in a very attractive place with an attentive staff.  I am forever grateful. She was able to call for aid whenever she needed it and someone would come up to help her. She ate all of her meals in the dining room and they administered all of her medications, helped her shower and did all of her flat laundry. I took her clothes home to be washed and ironed when needed. I knew I would be contacted if they needed to tell me things or ask me to take her to the doctor, etc. It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about the day to day care.

I went to see my mom at least once a week, many times more often. Often I would drop by during the week with a pastry from her favorite pastry shop – Andre’s Confiserie Suisse. I used to eat lunch with her at the facility every Sunday and then we would go upstairs and sit for a while in her room. My mom was deaf so I would write notes to her with what was going on and she’d answer. This was for about the last 7 years or so. She hadn’t been well for the last several weeks but at 99 years old, what can you expect? Hospice had been called in to lend extra help with watching over her and it was Hospice who called me last Tuesday to tell me things weren’t going well and then later their night nurse called to inform me that my mom had passed. It was peaceful, she had gone to her sleep in her own bed and quietly left this world for the next. Now she can fly free, unfettered by the infirmities of old age. She had wanted this for so long.

Yesterday we had a memorial service and it was mostly family plus a couple of friends (my contemporaries) and the manager of the assisted living facility. Then we had a reception at a local restaurant. My niece volunteered to find a place for us to go then made all of the arrangements. I am forever in debt to her for taking a hand in this and relieving me of the responsibility. Of course I had to pay the bill but that was minor!

I hope to get back to my jewelry soon but I suspect it will be after Thanksgiving. I did get a few new pieces loaded to my Etsy shop. I have more to load and hope to get that done during the week.