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I have gotten hopelessly behind in my work. The new jewelry for my websites is not yet described, priced and uploaded, the sewing of the fabric owl toys for my grandchildren for Christmas hasn’t been started either.  It all started with severe indigestion except it didn’t go away and lasted about two weeks before I discovered that it was lactose! Yes, a pepper jack and cream cheese stuffed chicken breast started the whole mess. I spent days not wanting to even get out of bed but the dog made me walk her so I did get out a bit. I certainly didn’t do much of anything else except for things that absolutely needed to be done.

I went through almost two weeks of thinking that perhaps I had a gluten problem. I cut out wheat but that didn’t help. It wasn’t until almost two weeks had passed when I decided to only eat meat, poultry, veggies and fruit. I got instant relief. It was then that I realized it must be dairy products that were causing the problems.

Got that over with and have now purchased Lactaid tablets to take when I am going to eat dairy products or are eating out and am not sure what might be in a recipe. I still haven’t gotten back to work because now my aged mother has weakened and the assisted living center where she lives has asked Hospice to come in and check on her.  She has had several days when she didn’t want to get out of bed and wasn’t interested in eating. Did I mention she’s almost 100 years old? Now they have all these extra people prodding and poking and asking her questions.  And me, I’ve had a mountain of paperwork to fill out! Of course everyone is worried so one of my brothers came for a visit to see her. He stayed with me for several days and I had to put away all of the beading and craft stuff so he’d have a place to sleep!

Crazy Lace Agate Pendant Necklace

I tried to scan a few pictures of the jewelry pieces that I had made before all this started. I seem to have lost my touch as I can’t seem to get good pictures at all! There are 17 new pieces of jewelry. Most of them were fall themed so a good portion of the opportunity for people wanting them has passed. There is nothing I can do about that except to get them done and uploaded to my jewelry sites anyhow and hope for the best.

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