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Antique Map Mini Purse

Antique Map Mini Purse

I don’t just make jewelry, I also sew. For a time when I first had a website I made and sold fabric handbags in addition to jewelry. Although I sold some, I didn’t sell many so I gave it up. I still have a number of them at home, wrapped up in plastic bags and hanging in the closet in my craft room. I’ve also made Christmas stockings that some people say I should make to sell. They are very fancy and intricate and although I made them as a labor of love for my son, daughter-in-law and my grandchildren I have no intention of making more. My back ached for days and my fingers were full of holes from sticking myself on the pins – LOL!

Easter hand puppets

Felt Easter Hand Puppets

Last spring I made felt bunny and chicken hand puppets for the older granddaughter and her cousins to entertain them during dinner at a nice restaurant on Easter Sunday. The kids ran around a lot and fortunately we were in a room where families with children had been placed, no doubt to keep us from disrupting the patrons who wanted to enjoy a peaceful meal. There is a picture somewhere of the kids and the bunnies posing with me and Alex is making bunny ears behind my head. Typical boy stuff – classic…

The latest project is one I have been thinking about for quite some time. I saw some stuffed owl dolls. I call them dolls because they are more like dolls than owls, very stylized. They were quite expensive and would have to be shipped from abroad. I looked around on the web and downloaded a pattern for a stuffed owl. It wasn’t quite what I wanted. I found another pattern to buy that was for owl pillows and it arrived last Saturday. When I opened up the package I discovered they were huge. What did I expect? After all the pattern was for owl pillows!

I put one pattern on the scanner and shot two pictures which I then put together. So now I had an owl body pattern that fit onto an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. The pattern was basically a drawing and all the outside seam allowances were drawn in. I still had to cut it out in sections for each pattern piece and add the seam allowances to the other edges. I did this all on paper and I have the pieces waiting for me to work on them. I plan to use the pattern I bought as a model. It is only a body with a face and it has a mid section that calls for a second fabric. The pattern I downloaded has wings you add and feet. My plan is to add wings and LEGS to the owl pattern I bought and I want to add an additional feature to the face. I have a feeling that I may have to create some preliminary “Owl dolls” before I get the final ones for the girls. They will be fanciful, done in brighter colors than you would see on an owl. Think parrot – LOL!

Right now I am still working on jewelry so I can upload a bunch of new items to my online stores and can send out a newsletter reminding my customers that I am still out there and have new goodies for them to see. THEN I can get to work on the owls. I need a clone…