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Leaf Pile Bracelet

Leaf Pile Bracelet

We are now at my favorite time of year, autumn. I have a great affinity for this season. I love the colors of the trees, resplendent in shades of orange, gold and red.  Unfortunately the trees in my area may not display the usual rich colors this year because of the horrid heat we had this summer on the Great Plains. The earth was scorched and cracked. The grass and trees turned shades of beige and brown. Some have recovered and some not.

I love this time of year. The sky seems extra blue for some reason. As I walked my dog yesterday (we walk every day for about an hour) she decided to take “the long way” and it was fine with me. The air almost had a scent of cider in it and the temperature was in the mid 60’s. To me that is as close to perfection as it gets. Livvy-dog was happily bouncing along and I wondered if we would get home at all. That’s the way of the dog, live in the moment!

Autumn colors are my favorites year round. No matter what the season those are the colors I wear. I always had an affinity for them and wasn’t quite sure why but I always felt like I looked better in them. It turns out that I was right. Quite a number of years ago there was a color system called Color Me Beautiful – it still exists. It took into consideration your hair and skin tones and divided people into four groups by season; winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I had my “colors done” and discovered that the warm mellow colors of autumn were the ones that made me look healthier, more alive. I look best in warm colors, ones that have a tinge of yellow in them like brown, orange, rust, peach, gold, lime, cream and teal. I look best in gold and copper jewelry. My eyes are hazel and tend to reflect the colors I am wearing. That does NOT mean my eyes turn orange when I am wearing orange. Wearing orange tends to make the yellow in my eyes more noticeable as well as green. Try holding different colors up to your face and see what colors wash you out and which ones make you look healthy. See the subtle changes in your eye color. For a more up to date system check out this gal’s site: http://www.prettyyourworld.com/colortheory.html.

I have a slight dilemma when designing and making jewelry. I am too attached to my own favorite colors. Often it is difficult for me to break out of my “zone” and create jewelry in other palettes. This is particularly troublesome because more people wear the winter palette of colors, which would include pure white, gray, black, navy, red, purple, pastels and jewel tones than wear the warmer palettes. They look best in silver jewelry; I don’t.

I am making a concerted effort to create more jewelry that works for people with skin and hair tones that go better with a cool color palette.  Forgive me for not creating quite as many jewelry pieces in the cool palette. Reach out to me and bop me over the head once in a while to remind me to use cool colors! Use the comments to say, “Hey Camilla (insert your words here)…” LOL!

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