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A lot of folks like my jewelry photos because they are colorful and show good detail. This is good but sometimes I don’t like them. I want more of a different look. I want to drape necklaces on necklace forms or over a rock. I want to put earrings on the ears of a head form or the edge of a pretty vase, etc. So why don’t I just do that? I can’t do that unless I use a camera.

Unfortunately I am inept with a camera despite having lots of time and opportunities to practice. I have a nice digital camera that my son gave me. It’s a Canon Powershot and has lots of features which I can’t figure out even when I read about them in the manual over and over. I can’t seem to turn off the flash for more than one shot. I go to take another shot and the darn thing flashes even though I turned off the flash and somehow it got reset from the little tulip symbol to the mountain symbol. How does that happen? Gremlins? The camera has it in for me!

I invested in a tripod and one of those white tents to reflect and distribute light where you can poke the camera through and take the picture. It didn’t help – LOL! Shots of people (they don’t fit into the tent) look good. Shots of jewelry in or out of the tent look lifeless. Ok, jewelry doesn’t have “life” per se but the jewelry pieces just don’t have appeal when I take the pictures with my camera. To think I have friends who take all of their jewelry photos with their Smartphones and they look fabulous. It’s laughable and it’s not fair.

So if I don’t/can’t use a camera, what do I use? I use a scanner! What I can’t figure out is why, when I take my jewelry pictures by laying the piece on the scanner, the jewelry looks gorgeous and full of color and life but when I use my camera it looks “dead”? It has to be a lighting problem. Sunlight would be best but I have never found a good place to take a photo outside. Different types of lights and bulbs have been suggested by those “in the know”, but I have failed miserably, the shots are too dark or too bright.

At any rate I try to overcome my camera block. I will continue to read articles and I will continue to take more pictures with the camera hoping to find a way to get the kinds of shots I want. In the meantime the pictures I use for my two online stores will be taken on the good old scanner with lovely scrapbooking paper backgrounds.



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