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The other day I shared the beginnings of a necklace project by showing you the pendant. I decided to hang it on a chain with units of beads between lengths of chain. After experimenting with the design I decided that the necklace still lacked something. After rumaging around through my extensive collection of junk, er… beady stuff, I found a really interesting “antique copper” piece that I could hang the pendant on instead of that loop I originally used. I just feed the chain through the back of it.

You can see the necklace in the picture. It still isn’t complete because I will have to hook the last bead unit to pieces of chain on each end to get the final length. I haven’t decided yet how long the necklace will be and what type of clasp I will use. Probably I will use a lobster clasp.

If you think the pendant itself looks different than the other day it is because today you see the reverse side, which is the side I decided to use as the front. I think it’s more interesting with the additional veins of orange and cream in the stone.

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